Centre for Caring Horsemanship
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About Us

Caring Horsemanship is a family business run by Peter, Penny and Jo Hill, all of whom have a lifetime's experience with horses; owning, competing, and breeding. The Hill's professionally started teaching and working with horses about 20 years ago when Penny realised she had something more to offer horse and rider, through recognising behaviour, developing partnerships and the 'feel' we have with the horse.

Things progressed from this moment on and since then Penny, Peter and Jo have helped many horses from starting to re-schooling or 'fixing' the 'unfixable' problem horse that all else have given up on. Helping riders from the terrified to the experienced, all ages and abilities to gain enjoyment with the horse whatever place they may be at.

Our path has been influenced and inspired by many people; Mark Rashid, Julie Dicker and Bill Dorrance to name but a few, and of course the many different horses we meet who teach us so much.

Our Ethos

natural horsemanship

At caring horsemanship we like to introduce the simplest, naturally based solutions to obtain the best results for horse and rider. We hope that our name 'Caring Horsemanship’ says everything that we are about in two words; we care for horses not just physically but also mentally and spiritually we hope!

We do this through recognising and understanding behaviour, which gives us the best opportunity to be successful in our partnerships.

Centre for Caring Horsemanship
"What we do is only worthwhile if it is done in a spirit of joy and adventure, for ourselves and our horses..."
Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling
"We have had the most uplifting, profound and inspiring experience this week, largely thanks to you and your human and equine team mates."
Louise & Fil Hall
"I have been on a magical horse, talking to it in my mind. I was breathing in and out and the horse moved when I wanted it to."
Angela Watson