Centre for Caring Horsemanship
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Our Facilities

At Caring Horsemanship we have fabulous, accessible and well maintained facilities. We have a 22mx40m floodlit outdoor school with ‘weather track’ surface (washed silica, sand and rubber). A 17m diameter round pen, with a sand surface. And a new and improved indoor school, 23mx 15m, which has a sand and rubber surface and soon to have a viewing gallery.

indoor horse centre

We are situated in 27 acres of mainly flat pasture divided into electric taped, fenced paddocks, all of which are well maintained and grazed by sheep to prevent ‘horse sick’ pasture. We also grow and produce all our own, high quality haylage from our land thus ensuring weed and ragwort free feed for the horses.

We keep our horses within a herd environment wherever possible, to allow the horse to be, and behave like a horse, this seems to keep them calm and settled and makes a happy yard environment for all. We try to continue the herd system through the winter months, when the majority of our horses live in barns within their herd group. We do however have eight separate and spacious loose boxes for visiting horses and for owners who prefer their horses stabled individually. Along with a wood chip turnout area to provide stabled horses with a leg stretch.

outdoor yard

When visiting us at caring horsemanship we hope you will feel comfortable and relaxed and maybe enjoy a cup of tea from our kitchen area or use our ‘eco loo’ should you have need of it, we are very aware of the environment and have taken steps to be more environmentally friendly throughout caring horsemanship.

We also hire our facilities. Please contact us for more details and availability.

Centre for Caring Horsemanship
"What we do is only worthwhile if it is done in a spirit of joy and adventure, for ourselves and our horses..."
Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling
"We have had the most uplifting, profound and inspiring experience this week, largely thanks to you and your human and equine team mates."
Louise & Fil Hall
"I have been on a magical horse, talking to it in my mind. I was breathing in and out and the horse moved when I wanted it to."
Angela Watson