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Caring Horsemanship now offers Western Training & Western Riding

Caring Horsemanship, Western Riding

Western riding is a wonderful approach to horsemanship and has become the fastest growing Equestrian sport in the UK. We feel that the nature of Western riding compliments the ethos of Caring Horsemanship, providing the basis of a true partnership, bringing greater connection of freedom and movement between horse and rider.

It offers a whole new conversation with the horse, teaching the rider softness and precision with the comfort of the Western saddle and the rolling gate of the Western horse. We have also found that Western enhances longevity to riders who thought their riding career over, due to stiffness, have relished the Western approach as it is so easy on the body, bringing with it confidence, freedom of movement, encouraging the rider to relax and 'let go'. Equally gives the potential to train to compete at a competent level.

Starting young horses

Caring Horsemanship, Western Training

Caring horsemanship would like to assure their clients that when bringing horses for starting or restarting we undertake their training very seriously in a calm and supportive environment. Our aim is to give horses both the confidence and knowledge needed in preparation for their future. Although miracles do happen, Caring horsemanship remain very realistic in their approach, as the impossible cannot always be achieved.

Quarter horses

Caring horsemanship now own a number of Quarter horses, many of which have been started here - we have preferred mares as they tell no lies, and they make great teachers and are here to encourage the real feel for Western. We occasionally have ridden quarter horses for sale please contact us at penny@caringhorsemanship.co.uk for details and availabilty.

Fully Licensed & Insured

Centre for Caring Horsemanship
"What we do is only worthwhile if it is done in a spirit of joy and adventure, for ourselves and our horses..."
Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling
"We have had the most uplifting, profound and inspiring experience this week, largely thanks to you and your human and equine team mates."
Louise & Fil Hall
"I have been on a magical horse, talking to it in my mind. I was breathing in and out and the horse moved when I wanted it to."
Angela Watson