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What We Offer People and Horses

When you first touch a horse or come into its space, there is an instant exchange of information that flows both ways-an energy exchange if you like. In this moment the horse knows far more about you than you it, instantly learning about you, your emotions, energy levels, fear, courage, passiveness or dominance for example. It knows this because as a herd animal it has to make survival decisions and it needs to know as much about you as possible to be successful, not only to survive a predatory attack, (humans are predators), but for information that can affect its position within the herd, the herd that you are about to become a part of when entering into a partnership with the horse

caring horsemanship

At caring horsemanship we like to look after our owners and clients needs as well as our horses. We welcome everyone to enjoy a positive learning experience with the horse-on one of ours or your own.

We aim to teach using the horse’s natural behaviour in mind, the use of rhythm, feel, timing, thinking, breathing and softness.  This way of riding is accessible to everyone no matter what age or ability and develops harmonious partnerships between horse and rider. We have also recently introduced Western riding into our teaching and we have Haflingers and American quarter horses who are trained to be ridden Western and with Western tack. We still use the same approach but with a little Western flair! Great fun and something new to try, we even have children’s Western saddles so children can learn too!

horse riding

We also take horses for schooling, re-schooling behavioural work and occasionally starting to again develop their education using natural, behavioural based approaches. And as we know all horses are different and require different approaches to fulfil their education, so we treat each horse as an individual to give them the tools to be, all that they can be, without the need of bullying or aggression from us. Whether you have a hairy pony you want us to work with, a problem loading or a dressage horse who needs ‘tweaking’ to reach it’s full potential, whatever it is we can help. We can also travel to you if that suits you better.

Horses as therapy

horses as therapy

Penny has discovered riding, playing on the ground or just spending time with horses can be extremely beneficial for people with disabilities, some illnesses, depression or behavioural or social problems in children and young adults.  The horses, coupled with Penny's sympathetic, caring teaching style and the laid back peaceful atmosphere at South Nethercott Farm can help people re-discover their confidence and a level of freedom and happiness they never imagined possible.

Other services we offer

We take horses for rehabilitation, from injuries or behavioural issues, we have a calm and very horse friendly environment at caring horsemanship which offers horses the best opportunity to rehabilitate happily and successfully.

We also take retired horses for ‘residential care’, all their individual needs will be catered for and provided by us, so you can relax in the knowledge that your faithful friend is enjoying every moment of their well earned retirement.

If you have any other services you and your horse require that have not been mentioned, please don’t hesitate to call or email us to discuss these further.

Horse Training

horse training

A horse that feels safe is going to learn more and at South Nethercott we feel privileged to have a very calm, quiet yard to help horses and humans, giving them the best opportunity to learn and grow through Caring Horsemanship.

The most important thing is to learn the feel of the horse, and then getting those horses to respond to your feel. When the horse understands what you want, he will do what that is, right up to the limit of his physical capacity and sometimes well beyond it.

Retired Horses

More details coming soon.

Centre for Caring Horsemanship
"What we do is only worthwhile if it is done in a spirit of joy and adventure, for ourselves and our horses..."
Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling
"We have had the most uplifting, profound and inspiring experience this week, largely thanks to you and your human and equine team mates."
Louise & Fil Hall
"I have been on a magical horse, talking to it in my mind. I was breathing in and out and the horse moved when I wanted it to."
Angela Watson